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Secondary School of Tourism and Transport is a state secondary school which is located nearby the railway station of Krnov (it means
a good railway and bus connects). Our school offers four-year courses specialized in an area of tourism and transport. The courses are finished by school-leaving examinations. 

In the school there are 20 modern classrooms, out of that 7 are special ones – they are used for training of foreign languages, computer techniques, typing, business correspondence and geography. The classrooms used for computer techniques are connected to the Internet and students are allowed to use it in the afternoon, too. 
Students of our school can test their theoretical knowledge and gain first practical experience within the framework of the fictitious firm. Students also go through compulsory training in travel agencies, transport offices, at airports, forwarding etc. Secondary School of Tourism and Transport provides lodging with board. We have 90 beds in our own youth home which is in the same building as the school is. The price of lodging is 1000,- Kč (CZK) a month. All-day board is provided in our own school canteen which is also in the building of the school. Students pay only the cost of food.
Our school also supports out-of-school activities of students. They regularly take part in competitions of knowledge, art and sports. Within the framework of practical training students organize tours through the Czech Republic and foreign travels (to Greece, Turkey, Italy, England, Denmark) – they prepare and arrange a tour themselves and during a tour they work as tour guides.
school address:  Czech Republic, Krnov, Revoluční 92, 794 01 


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